Almost brand new, only used for 3 months. Bowl included 3 ramps included 3 platforms Already built, no need to assemble again
Small pets Cages and Parks Ferplast Rodents and Hamster Mini Cage Mini Duna Hamster is a sturdy plastic hamster cage with a transparent roof and a mesh grid designed to ensure air circulation and can be opened completely for cleaning. This habitat has a special internal shelf in transparent blue plastic, allowing you to see your pet perfectly. As well as the internal fittings, this cage has oth...
Includes: + Expandable Hamster Cage + Food bowl + Water fountain + cage-hung running wheel + cage hung home (mushroom) + transportable rolling/running ball + FREE attachable water bottle Price is negotiable
Height 40 Width 20 Depth 21 Roof a little longer then depth and width. Does not come apart for transport. Pick up in Les C dres. $20 OBO