I recently switched cymbal brands and I am trying to off-load the last of my Zildjian cymbals. I bought this one in particular approximately 2 years ago brand new. As the name suggests its an FX cymbal, its very trashy sounding, best way to describe it would be like a china cymbal but with the sustain and wash of a standard crash cymbal. Ive seen guys use these as main crashes or as a china rep...
I have 2 z custom zildjian medium crash cymbals for sale,,a 16 and 17 inch,,very good shape,,no dings or cracks etc,, sound great, asking 120 dollars each,will neg the price, make an offer, as they are in really good shape,,havent cleaned them in awhile, they are not bad but could use some polishing , cleaning a bit,,great cymbals, thanks scott.
Rigel A-Plus Mandolin with hardshell case, abalone custom inlays, piezo pickup, hand crafted by Pete Langdellin Hyde Park, VT. Updated abalone inlays by Custom Pearl Inlay. Early serial number and near mint condition.Cash only, local pickup only, local delivery possible.